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Lisa & Rob were recently married at The Jacksonville Golf & Country Club. Below is their story and a collection of images from the day…


The Love Story –

One Thousand miles couldn’t stop Rob and Lisa from getting together! From the same small hometown in Connecticut, living 3 miles apart, they lived their whole lives never crossing paths. Even working with his sister at the same summer job at a coffee shop as teenagers didn’t do the trick! It was only after high school, college and a few more years after that, that Rob’s sister, Heather, and Lisa got back in touch. By this time, Rob had moved to Florida and came up on occasion in conversation. Another year passed. Lisa’s birthday was coming around, and Rob was coming up that same week, Heather told her. Would you mind if my brother came out for your birthday? This is the only time I see him every year. Sure, Lisa said. Little did she know that she would be meeting someone who would change her life. There was a moment, immediately, that they shared. Not entirely sure where this was going (he lives in Florida, WHAT are you DOING?!), she tried to keep it casual. Well, he is going home soon, we don’t have time for casual! Within days, there was a first date, and then they were inseparable. When it was time for Rob to go home, he didn’t want to have to forget her. They could try to be together. Lisa agreed. He flew up to see her the following month, and she flew down to see him the month after that. By this time they had decided that there needed to be a discussion about a living situation. This plane hopping wasn’t going to last for long. Lisa decided to take the plunge and move to Florida. Why stay where it snows? I don’t need to see another flake as long as I live!  So, she packed up the car, said goodbye to her family, and Rob flew up to meet her and drive all the way down here. They moved in, had their ups and downs, and became a strong, stable couple after a while. Almost two years later, at a family party, Rob surprisingly proposed to cheers and shouts of everyone! A wedding was planned, vows were exchanged and Rob and Lisa are finally starting their happily ever after!



  • Wedding Shoes – Disney Bridal wedding shoes of course! Champagne with glitter heel and bow!
  • The Tux – Charcoal gray tuxes for the guys with satin ties.
  • Bridesmaids Dresses – One shoulder wine-colored cocktail dresses for the girls complete with champagne shoes!
  • Hair – Hair was done by stylist Katelyn Duckworth, who also happens to be cousin to the groom! She worked tirelessly all day to make sure that everyone person needing their hair styled received the most flattering and beautiful look.
  • Make-up – Makeup by Jamie B. Jamie showed up at the house and made everyone beautiful with her air brush makeup and wonderful personality. She put everyone at ease and gave each person her full attention to make sure that they got out of the makeup chair feeling like they were done up just right.
  • Florist – Floriade in Jacksonville Beach provided the perfect combination for flowers to play off the colors in this golf-course setting wedding. Perfect placement and unique bouquet design set this florist apart from the rest!
  • Officiant – Barbara Tullius, our next door neighbor. It was great to have someone who has seen our relationship develop over time, be the one to bring us together.
  • Photographer – Irrok of course! Great couple to work with! Very open and fun. They made the whole experience stress-free!
  • Cake – The wedding cake, a mixture of red velvet and white cake with butter cream frosting and incredibly delicate detail, topped with fresh flowers, was provided by Classic Cakes in Jacksonville Beach. Amazing taste and presentation!
  • Entertainment – DJ Jacob Towe amazed everyone with his ability to coordinate this ceremony and wedding wirelessly. More than one guest was impressed by his sleek, minimalist style.
  • Since the wedding – Rob and Lisa ran off to Aruba for their honeymoon, where they mostly lounged around on the beach and did absolutely nothing productive. They are currently enjoying their new home and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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