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Stephanie & James were recently married at Nocatte’s Cross Water Hall in Ponte Vedra. Below is their story and a collection of images from the wedding day.

The Love Story –

It was James’ first day of college. Somehow he made it to the girls dormitory lobby and spotted a beautiful girl named Stephanie. This became his first crush of college. The problem was that this girl was way out of James’ league. She was a popular, varsity soccer player, who James thought had no time for him. He could only hope the girl that sat a few seats down from him in his math class would someday know his name. Fortunately, they ended up having many classes together the following year. This led to many great opportunities for James, such as class projects and what he would call “homework help sessions”. For some odd reason, Stephanie began to grow fond of James. For James, this seemed to good to be true, so he tried to avoid it. This was something that he could not avoid very long. They began dating on Valentine’s Day of that year (a very strategic day chosen by James due to his forgetfulness). They dated for close to four years through many ups and downs. There were times where they did not know if they were going to make it. These times actually taught them a lot about each other. As they were getting a few months out from their fourth Valentine’s Day as a dating couple, James created a whole day itinerary that would end in him asking Stephanie to marry him. At each stop, James gave her a card that told her how they both belonged together like things such as coffee and an early morning. After being together for so long, there was no desire to stretch the engagement out very long, so they were married about six months from the date they were engaged. Stephanie was James’ first crush of college and she was also his last.


  • Wedding Dress – Bridal’s and More
    Contrary to many wedding dress experiences, mine was short and sweet. I was able to find a dress at the first place I went. That place was Bridal’s and More. Not only was it the first place I went, but it was the first dress that I tried on. It fit me like perfectly and everyone that was with me knew it was the one. Props to the professionals at Bridal’s and More for knowing how to help find the right dress.
  • Wedding Shoes – The Loft
    I was able to find sandals that were very comfortable at the loft and recommend shopping there for many other items. I was also able to find a set of bracelets to give as gifts to all of my bridesmaids from The Loft.
  • The Tux – Express and Men’s Wear-house
    Contrary to Stephanie’s request, I did not try on his wedding outfit until the day of the wedding. Due to the excellent service and opinions I so valued from those at Express and Men’s Wearhouse Stephanie thought the outfits actually looked very nice on me, as well as my groomsmen. Despite Stephanie’s skepticism, this was a major step in her trust for me as a husband (or at least I like to look at it this way).
  • Bridesmaids Dresses – David’s Bridal
    Since each of the bridesmaids lived out of town and each in a different city, David’s Bridal made for an easy choice due to the number of locations. They were very easy to work with for both me and my bridesmaids. Everyone’s dress was delivered with plenty of time to allow for alterations. The dresses were beautiful when I picked them out originally, but looked even more beautiful on the wedding day when all my bridesmaids were wearing them.
  • Ceremony Location – Nocatee Crosswater Hall
    The ceremony took place on the lawn at Nocatee’s Crosswater Hall. The seats were set up early in the morning before we arrived to start preparing for the wedding day. The scenery on the lawn rivals any wedding location we have ever been to. Our family and friends could not stop talking about how beautiful it was.
  • Reception Location – Nocatee Crosswater Hall
    It was wonderful to have the reception at the same location as the ceremony, especially when there were a lot of out-of-town guests who do not know the area. Crosswater Hall made decorating very easy because not a lot of decorating was needed. This not only saved us money, but also allowed us to focus on other tasks to prepare for the evening’s celebration. Like the seats for the wedding ceremony, the tables and chairs for the reception were also set us before we got there in the morning.
  • Hotel Accommodations – Hilton Garden Inn of Ponte Vedra
    The night of the wedding, we stayed at Hilton Garden Inn of Ponte Vedra. The location of the hotel was very close to our wedding ceremony and reception location, so it made for quick travel. Their service was great. We were there and in our room in no time. The room was clean and even had towels folded with a love note. Something Stephanie thought James prepared, which he gladly took credit for.
  • Hair – Nicole Bartholomew (Hair Studio)
    Nicole is a great friend of mine, so there were no concerns on how my hair would turn out for the wedding. I was more than happy with how Nicole did my hair, and James felt the same way.
  • Make-up – To James’ request, I, Stephanie, did my own make up on the day of the wedding. He wanted me to look exactly as I look everyday.


  • Florist – Bold Blooms
    After the wedding, Stephanie continually expressed how pleased she was with how the bouquets looked for the wedding. Bold Blooms went above and beyond Stephanie’s expectations and made her a very happy bride. Although I, James, did not notice the flowers too much, I was very happy that my bride was happy.
  • Officiant – Pastor Joby Martin (The Church of Eleven22)
    We could not have asked for a better wedding officiant for our wedding. His message of marriage and it’s relationship to our faith in Jesus was everything we wanted. He is a great pastor, mentor, and friend to us.
    We recommend anyone, whether you are getting married or not, to stop by and hear a relative message from Joby at The Church of Eleven22.
  • Caterer – Mojo’s BBQ
    Mojo’s BBQ has to be the best BBQ in Jacksonville, Florida. They followed through with great catering as well. The food was delicious as expected, but their service was beyond what was expected. The servers were so helpful. They took on responsibilities that were not even theirs. Having barbecue was a very cost-friendly option for the reception meal, but paying less did not mean less quality when we used Mojo’s BBQ.
  • Photographer – Irrok Photography 
    Impressed would be an understatement when it comes to how we feel about Irrok Photography. Ron and Odete from Irrok Photography blew us away. We could not have asked for better wedding photographers. They were both there on our wedding day to ensure that every moment was captured for us to remember. From the time they were on location, they directed us through taking pictures while also being considerate of our schedule. To our surprise, we received our photographs within two weeks after our wedding, which is very impressive given the number of photographs they took of us. The pictures were beautiful and they will be something we will treasure for the rest of our lives. 
  • Cake – Bittersweet Bakery
    Since we are not huge fans of cake, we decided to stick with the southern style theme and had multiple kinds of personal sized pies. We had strawberry pies, lemon pies, dutch apple pies, french silk pies, and bourbon pecan pies for our guests. Kim, at Bittersweet Bakery, even created a sweetheart cherry pie for us to cut during our reception. The guests raved about the idea of having pies and how delicious they were. Kim at Bittersweet Bakery did an excellent job! 
  • Our original plan for our wedding was to have a great friend who is very talented play live music and emcee our reception. This plan ended when our friend had a great opportunity to pursue his music career that conflicted with the date of our wedding. Therefore, we had to find a DJ last minute for our wedding reception. Disc Jockeys To Go Entertainment Inc. came in the clutch to help us make our wedding reception what it was. They took the pressure off us and allowed us to have a great time!
  • Special Thanks – We would like to thank each other’s parents for raising the two people that we have become. They put so much effort through the years to mature us into the people we are today. We cannot thank them enough for this and are forever grateful for all they did for us, despite the difficulties that came along with that. We are also thankful for our friends who have encouraged us throughout the years and pushed us to strive for excellence in our own lives, as well as encouraged us in our relationship, even through difficult times. Most of all we are so grateful for God and his plan that brought us together, that we may share our lives with each other through enjoying the good times and helping each other persevere through the bad. 
  • Since the wedding – We just passed the one month marker in our marriage and are enjoying every moment that we get to spend together and share life together. We are still in that busy time of changing names and insurance plans, but are learning to work together through life’s demands. Stephanie has changed nursing positions at her hospital and is now working on a Labor and Delivery floor. James is hoping this leads to baby fever sooner rather than later, but he can only hope. James is changing careers and pursuing a call to ministry. As you can see, there have been lots of changes, but the two are enjoying every minute of it. 


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