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Zach and I didn’t officially meet for a while. We often saw each other at the gym but it was just a glance “here & there”. We had become friends on Facebook through other mutual friends. We ran into each other at Urban Flats one night and we have been inseparable ever since June 6, 2012.  I was the one to say “I love You” first! How weird? He had bought a new bedroom comforter set and left it at my house so that I could get it cleaned. Well, In the process I ran to Michael’s and got some iron-on patches that said “I Love U”, and positioned them on a corner on the inside of the comforter . When he went to make his bed for the first time he found it, and said “I didn’t see that on there when we bought it” and I just laughed and said “It wasn’t there before”… It was a pretty fabulous moment. Zach and I dated for 13 months and 13 days before he proposed.

We planned a trip to go visit my dad in Navarre Beach on 07/19/2013. We arrived on a Thursday, and had plans to go to the beach on Friday. We love the beaches there because the sand is sugar white and there are sand dollars everywhere! We always walk along the beach and find quarter and half sand dollars, but never a whole one! On Friday July 19,2013 the weather wasn’t very promising to hit the beach. The sky was black, the wind was blowing.. but Zach was determined to go look for sand dollars. We got to the beach and began to walk and enjoy our “alone time” since we were going to be surrounded by family the entire weekend. As we walked, we found several sand dollar pieces.. and after we got about a mile down the beach I spotted this perfectly whole sand dollar a few yards away just lying there ready to be found! I ran to the sand dollar picked it up to see that it read “TANESHA WILL YOU MARRY ME?” I was in shock, and when I turned around Zach was down on one knee and talking (I have NO IDEA what he said because I was freaking out) After he put the ring on my finger and I jumped for joy like a 10 year old he pointed into the sand dunes and said “Look, your dads here” .. My dad who owns a private investigation business was hiding in the dunes video taping the whole thing. Zach planned this proposal perfectly.. not only because he took me home to be surrounded by family, but because he incorporated the most important person in my life, my father. I love that we have our engagement on film because it gives us the ability to re-live the moment. We are getting married on our 2 year anniversary, June 6, 2014!!

Thats our story!



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