Ponte Vedra Wedding Photographer | Sawgrass Marriott Wedding

Gina & Brian were recently married at the Marriott Hotel at Tpc Sawgrass. Weather was a bit of an issue, however we were able to sneak outside a few times for some great images.

Below is a collection of images from the day…

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The Love Story – How he proposed

     Brian and I decided it was about time to take a vacation for ourselves. We were both so busy with work and other activities that we could not wait to get away! So after a few long nights of surfing the web for “Caribbean Vacations” we both finally decided that the Dominican Republic was where we were going.
Upon arrival to the Dominican Republic on July 25, 2012 (a Wednesday), I thought to myself…”maybe he’ll propose while we’re down here?! No way…Brian won’t propose. None of this is a surprise….this trip was planned by the two of us.”. (Brian has ALWAYS been amazing with surprises). So after traveling and getting settled in, that Wednesday had come and gone. Next came Thursday…and I questioned myself again throughout the day whether or not Brian would propose. By Thursday night I was definitely convinced “it” was not happening down in the Dominican Republic. And I told myself that I needed to stop worrying about it because it was going to ruin my trip.
After 2 days of relaxing, excursions, shopping, eating, etc, Friday finally rolls around. Again, another day where nothing was a surprise. We together, planned a stingray and shark excursion and we went parasailing. Once the sun went down, we got dressed and went to this amazing steakhouse. After dinner, we decided to grab a cocktail at Carey’s Piano Lounge. It was the most exquisite piano lounge we had ever seen and the pianist was phenomenal! A few conversations had gone by, some funny and some serious (Beauty and the Beast was being played by the pianist in the background). Then Brian stood up. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny little black box…and he began with “Gina Marie White…….”. I knew right in that instance what was about to happen. I honestly do not remember the rest of the words that came from Brian’s mouth. And everything around me went completely silent. I could no longer hear the piano nor see anyone else in the room except Brian (it was just like a movie!). He got down on one knee, popped open the little black box, and then he asked me those four little words that every female can not wait to be asked… “Will. You. Marry. Me?”. And without a doubt in my mind, I said “YES!!”. Everyone in the Piano Lounge applauded and we both floated out of there on cloud 9! Needless to say, I could not stop smiling for the rest of the vacation.

  • Transportation – Golf carts by TPC Sawgrass
  • Wedding Planner – Brooke Bankhead TPC Sawgrass Staff.
  • Hair – Jamie Blue
  • Make-up – Barbara Myers-Smith – Arbonne Cosmetics
  • Officiant – Gordon Lind- the Groom’s Uncle
  • Special Thanks – Friends, family, and other loved ones- in attendance and there in spirit!
  • Since the wedding – We traveled to Italy for a 2 week Honeymoon.
    Traveled by plane, train, and automobile (and boats!).
    Visited Venice (Venezia), Florence (Firenze), Rome (Roma), and The Amalfi Coast (Amalfita)
    From Gondolas to Segwey Tours to a private boat charter to the Isle of Capri.
    Now back in the States, we have purchased a 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid (Going Green!).
    We have also purchased land to build our dream home in Crosswater at Pablo Bay in Jacksonville, Florida.
    We break ground in a couple of months- have a tentative completion date of early March 2014!
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