Surprise Wedding! What??? Yes…. A Surprise wedding at The Jacksonville Public Library

I can’t even begin to explain how much fun it was to be a part of Christina & Ryan’s Jacksonville Library wedding. You’re probably wondering what the heck is a surprise wedding. How does that work?  That’s impossible to pull off… etc… etc… I can tell you that Christina & Ryan only knew the day and time they were getting married…. That’s it! Long story short, Ryan and Christina have two very busy schedules, so it had been difficult for them to find the time to plan. Ryan’s family LOVES surprises, so his sister Tracy jokingly said… ” You guys should just let me & mom plan your wedding for you! Let us worry about all of the details and you guy will have to do is get dressed, show up, get married, and have fun! ” Ryan thought it was genius and Christina got on board too! They provided a guest list, their budget, and who they would like to be in their wedding party. Christina picked her own wedding dress, but other than that, they gave mom and sister Tracy the green light to plan the best (and hopefully most fun) night of their lives!

I can tell you that it was one of, if not the most exciting wedding we had the pleasure of photographing. Blindfolding the groom at the hotel and putting him on a trolly ( that he probably thought was a city bus. ) to bringing him in thru the loading dock, and having him ride the libraries freight elevator to throw him off! The groomsmen even had him sit in some folding chairs in a large conference room explaining that this is where the dinner would be held. Ryan was growing concerned for sure. Christina’s morning was probably a little less hectic since I doubt the bridesmaids played many tricks on her, but she was about to meet with Ryan for a first look and venue unveiling! The bride and groom were lead up to the 3rd floor and placed back to back. Ryan still blind folded and Christina with her eyes closed. The two stood anxiously waiting unsure of what to expect and excite to see each other. 1, 2, 3 and they both opened their eyes in amazement! Taken back from the attention to detail and thought that mom and Tracy had put into this special day for them both. Ryan stood on the balcony overlooking the courtyard and fountains. His sister coming up the steps to find him with tears of joy. He and Christina were so thankful for everyone’s effort to make this day happen for them both!

Please take a moment to look over the images below…

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Wedding Ring – Jacksonville Public Library

Wedding Dress – Jacksonville Public Library

Groom Blindfolded – Jacksonville Public Library

1st look – Jacksonville Public Library

Unveiling to Father – Jacksonville Public Library

Ceremony in courtyard – Jacksonville Public Library

Wedding Party Map Room – Jax Public Library

Wedding Party Map Room – Jax Public Library

Bride & Groom – Jacksonville Public Library

Wedding Party on Roof – Jacksonville Public Library

Bride & Groom Portrait on the Roof – Jacksonville Public Library

Wedding Cake at Fountains – Jacksonville Public Library

Sparkler Send Off – Jacksonville Public Library



Brides Hotel: Omni Hotel Downtown Jacksonville

Grooms Hotel: Omni Hotel Downtown Jacksonville

Planner: Tracy ( Sister of the Groom )

Make-Up Artist: Maila Philips-Lee

Entertainment: Kevin Santos w/ Party Solutions Entertainment

Transportation: Trolley provided by JTA

Photographers: Ronnie & Odete w/ Irrok Photography



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-Ronnie & Odete Irrok Photography

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